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Visiting Los Angles July 7th – July 11th

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The dungeon has been reserved, the airline tickets have been purchased and the bags have been packed. No, wait, the bags aren’t packed. What I decide to bring with me all depends on you!  I’ll bring my boots should I get requests from boot fetishists, the same goes for my medical gear, cross dressing accessories and other goodies!

Travel Annoucement!

I will be taking sessions while in Los Angeles
July 7th – 11th

Mistress Ivy Darkbloom will also be traveling with me and available for sessions as well.

Contact me now to reserve a session time. The best way to arrange a session with me is via email:


  • your areas of interest
  • your hard limits
  • how you would describe yourself in session (submissive, dominant, fetishist, etc)
  • a short description of your best experience in session and your worst session
  • any medical conditions that may effect our play (asthma, diabetes, injuries, bad joints) – this doesn’t mean we won’t be able to play, it just keeps you safe.
  • what day and time you’d ideally like to session as well as how many hours you’d like to play for

And would you care to see the dungeon Mistress Ivy and I will be playing at? Take a look!

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A sampling of my new photos

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Today my personal assistant returned from a special assignment. He knelt and offered up what he had been sent to fetch, a CD.

What’s on that CD?  Brand new photos by Douglas Ransom, an amazing photographer that I, and a special friend*, were fortunate to work with last month.  I encourage you to visit his website as well.  You may recognize beautiful images of Miss Gia Maze there as well.

It’s going to take me more than a few minutes to select ones for my website.  But in the meantime I can’t just leave you hanging. So here’s a little something to wet your pallet. Though there’s no comparison to seeing me in person.

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* More information to come about double sessions with me and Switch Vera coming soon!

Not quite as fun as a session, but…

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Sometimes situations are out of our control.  This morning I was looking forward to a session but an unexpected event prevented my friend from joining me (don’t worry, we’ll reschedule!).  The news caught me just as I was about to walk out the door, dressed for office wear fetish play.  But rather than waste the ensemble I decided that you all might enjoy a few photos of what seems to be a pretty popular look the past few weeks: black stilettos, black stockings, black skirt and white blouse.  So here’s a taste of my office work.

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Thoughts on role playing

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Just the other day I was thinking about the infinite possibilities regarding role playing in sessions.  It mostly came to mind because of a new client with a kidnapping fantasy that we plan on playing out– which, by the way, I’m really looking forward to.   I was looking around at miscellaneous BDSM websites inspiration but interestingly enough, most of these came out of my head.  Here is the list I compiled that I would be interested in playing out.  Other suggested additions are highly encouraged.

The cliches:
Teacher / student
Babysitter/ boy
Stepmother / boy
Boss / employee
Trainer / pony or puppy

The slightly more creative:
School bully / weakling
Wife / panty-wearing husband
Kidnapper / captive
Lady / butler
Nun / confessing sinner
Finishing school head mistress / girl in need of training
Police officer / prisoner
Doctor or Nurse / patient
Nanny / baby
Princess / servant or slave
Neighbor / peeping tom

The very creative:
Shopper / shoe salesman
Sorority girl / pledge
Troop leader / boyscout
Chef / pig (would need to be shaved, beaten to be tenderized, etc)
Sadistic personal trainer / exercise victim pushed to their limits
Sargent / soldier
Scientist / small penis subject