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Disarmingly seductive

I’m that girl next door you’ve always fantasized about — that smart, cute girl who has something you just can’t put your finger on, but you crave it.  But this girl next door has a dungeon in her basement.  The sight of my disarmingly warm and captivating smile and sound of my delightfully joyful laugh belies what is truly underneath.  You have no idea of what I’m capable of doing to you. My smile is one that is evoked when I see a weak man in need of punishment. My laugh will haunt you long after you first hear it… while I’m pulling your strings for my own entertainment.  You’ll turn into my puppy on a leash, obediently following my every command while I toy with you, teasing and denying, teasing and punishing.


  • Age: 31
  • Height: 5 ft 2 without heels
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Shoe size: 8
  • Dress size: 6
  • Bust: 36C
  • NO tattoos, piercings or heavy make up

My likes are especially informed by the fact that my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in gender studies and clinical psychology.  My interests are varied but some of my favorite activities include:

Behavior modification and correction
Bondage: plastic or vetrap mummification, predicament, wrist & ankle restraints, tape, simple rope
Chastity &  key holding / orgasm control and denial
Cross dressing / feminization classes / make-up
Electrical play: Zeus unit, violet wand
“Forced-bi” – I dislike this term. I think it falls into the category of role playing but this is the name it most commonly goes by.
Golden showers (also brown showers for select submissives)
Impact play: whips, paddles, over the knee (OTK) hand spanking, canes
Medical play including physical and dental exams, uretheral sounding, enemas and endurance testing
Nipple play
Temporary play piercing
Sensory deprivation / overload
Smothering, face-sitting & ass worship (fully clothed, no exceptions)
Tease and denial
Tickle torture
Worship: foot, leg, stockings, shoe, strap-on

Hard Limits:
Brown Showers
Drugs, massage, prostitution.
You may only session sober and sex acts are never a part of any session.
I’m vegan and do not wear leather; however I have leather-looking apparel if you desire that look.
Female Superiority. No gender is superior or inferior… some of us just happen to be Dominant.

Exciting Additions to Our Scene*
Additional players: take a look at the profiles of three of the creative kinksters I like to collaborate with.  I also adore playing with Ms Gia Maze, Ms Alyssa Lovelock and Ms Olivia Black whose photos on the right all link to their respective websites for more information.

A vanilla voyeur may join us to have your fantasy of having your submission or humiliation witnessed by a woman outside the BDSM scene but willing sit in on a session.  No promises, but occasionally vanilla ladies have chosen to participate in foot/shoe worship and a bit of spanking. Note: this is not an easy request to fill, but it can happen with enough notice.

Extended play sessions: it is possible to arrange extended play sessions. Because of the preparation for these sessions the more notice the better; a deposit is also required.  For me, an extended play session is one that lasts 6 hours or more. 10 hour “over night” sessions are also possible, with rest time scheduled in.  And for select clients that I have sessioned with at least once, weekend long session are also possible. For example, in Nov. 2010 I enjoyed implementing a three day, two night feminization weekend that included assessment, feminization curriculum, shopping and play.

* All of the additions or extensions to sessions that are mentioned above do require more planning, coordination and energy than the average one or two hour session. Because of this a non-refundable deposit (which will go toward you tribute) is required.

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  1. And, You are vegan – glorious!

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