Photo Gallery

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7 Responses to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Lovely Lady Sophia,

    Your obedient, pathetic, week, slave hopes you will belittle, torture me to your hearts content,and patiently wait on pics of your beautiful body. I will worship you without question…
    Your loving pet, Keith.

  2. Beautiful Lady Sophia, You are the most Beautiful Sexiest Powerful Mistress in EXSISTANCE and this toe-tal Loser is extremely fortunate to be SERVING as shoe/foot pig ! i hereby PLEDGE to be Generous, Devoted, Loyal & Obedienant to YOU and ONLY YOU ! Oink Oink Snort Snort Your naughty little Oinker pigpeter

  3. Sweet feet to adore and a prefect bottom to smuther one into pure extasy….Your loving pet..

  4. Michael Kuehn Says:

    Stunning muscle tone and definition. Sexy muscle that is disarming yet lethal.

  5. Finally more pic’s of Lady Sopia, I’m so happy to be a pet in an ever growing stable of play things…I’m just glad she notices me….

  6. Lady Sophia . I just love looking at your legs. I would love to worship them and to suck on your feet and toes. Then i would just love to come all over them and have you make me lick everything OFF OF THEM.

  7. I just love your photo gallery. I only wish that it was longer and that it had more pictures of those lovely legs of yours in black pantyhose. And it would be nice to see you in a corset with garters.

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