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Review from kinkster-8 from My Los Angeles Trip

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I had a delightful time with kinkster-8 while in LA.  He’s known to be a bit of a squirmer, making it hard to create more subtle pain/pleasure.  However, on this occasion he didn’t move an inch.  The review is also posted in the MaxFisch Review section “Lady Sophia from Chicago is visiting the Den of Iniquity in Los Angeles. I had a session with her on Thursday night and wanted to give a review about that.

“I’m usually nervous when it comes to certain types of sessions. Inter-urethral sounds is one of them. I explained this to Lady Sophia before we began and she understood my concerns.

She didn’t want me thrashing around should I panic while the sounds were inside of me, so we decided to use mummification and bondage to keep me still. While wrapping me, her soothing voice and gentle touch made me feel calm.

When she felt that I was ready, she kept me informed of what was happening and then gently inserted the sounds into the opening of my penis. She maintained eye contact with me and asked me if I was okay.

It was a very good session and I would highly recommend a session with Lady Sophia.”kinkster-8

The bondage table kinkster-8 was bound to while mummified.

Visiting Los Angles July 7th – July 11th

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The dungeon has been reserved, the airline tickets have been purchased and the bags have been packed. No, wait, the bags aren’t packed. What I decide to bring with me all depends on you!  I’ll bring my boots should I get requests from boot fetishists, the same goes for my medical gear, cross dressing accessories and other goodies!

Travel Annoucement!

I will be taking sessions while in Los Angeles
July 7th – 11th

Mistress Ivy Darkbloom will also be traveling with me and available for sessions as well.

Contact me now to reserve a session time. The best way to arrange a session with me is via email:


  • your areas of interest
  • your hard limits
  • how you would describe yourself in session (submissive, dominant, fetishist, etc)
  • a short description of your best experience in session and your worst session
  • any medical conditions that may effect our play (asthma, diabetes, injuries, bad joints) – this doesn’t mean we won’t be able to play, it just keeps you safe.
  • what day and time you’d ideally like to session as well as how many hours you’d like to play for

And would you care to see the dungeon Mistress Ivy and I will be playing at? Take a look!

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I’m Visiting NYC this Weekend (4/9 – 4/12)!

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I finally figured out my travel schedule.

I will be in NYC Saturday April 9th – Tuesday April 12th

If you’d like to session, email me at – the more notice the more likely we are to be able to schedule something.

Forgive any slow email responses to session requests in Chicago. I’ll be available again by Wednesday April 13th.

Visiting Milwaukee this weekend!

Posted in Travel on September 9, 2010 by ladysophiachicago

To all the Wisconsin subs who have made the trip down to Chicago to session with me…

To all the Wisconsin folks who’ve been asking when I’d be traveling…

I’m taking sessions in Milwaukee this Friday Saturday and Sunday (September 10 – 12th)!!

I’m particularly in the mood for:
foot & leg worship
humiliation play (especially golden showers and forced femme)
a good sinister role play
and puppy / piggy play

Contact me sooner rather than later so we can schedule a time that’s convenient for both of us!

It’s been far too long!

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I’ve been dying to post a new entry on here all through my training trip to San Francisco, right afterward, then after sessioning with my new skills… and I have been so busy it just didn’t happen. So I assure you in the next day or so I will share a nice long blog post and a couple of photos from that weekend! Keep your eyes peeled!

Attending SM Course in SF

Posted in BDSM Education, Travel with tags , , , on December 22, 2009 by ladysophiachicago

I’m delighted to share that in March I’ll be attending a 3-day course at The SM Arts Academy run by Cleo Dubois in San Francisco: The Professional Course of Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women.  I’m looking forward to this intensive because it will help me to improve my own skills on many levels and improve my sessions with  you!  I believe there’s always more to learn.  We also get to use a good bunch of experienced subs hand selected by Madame Dubois.  What fun!