Rejected by NiteFlirt has removed all four of my listings from their site.  My home page still exists,, but if you scroll to the bottom where the buttons to call me usually are, there’s nothing.

I got an automated email from NF regarding each listing saying it was in violation of their content policies and that’s why it was removed.  It’s unfortunate because those *exact* words in each listing have been on each of those listings for YEARS!

It will probably be temporary.  A couple of other Dommes I know who use NF had their listings temporarily removed as well and it was resolved.  Not necessarily quickly, but eventually resolved.  I just need to resubmit each listing and get it approved by them.

Thank you for your patience. I’ll let you know when I can take calls again as soon as NF tells me!

2 Responses to “Rejected by NiteFlirt”

  1. Pink Keith Says:

    Stupid NiteFlirt! It is so odd that they would do this after your listing having been up for a very long time. *Shakes fist at Niteflirt.* I hope it comes back up soon!

  2. Please Lady Sophia for give me. I did apologize twice . I know that you are a busy lady . Can you please find a little time to email me
    please.And yes i always love your pictures.

    Respectfully Dorothy

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