www.LadySophia.com ~ My Newly Designed Website!

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Want to see more photos of me, session reviews and more new content? You should check out my newly designed website at my fantastically shorter URL http://www.LadySophia.com! I’m accepting new clients so click on over and see all the details about booking your first session with me… I know you’ve been thinking about it…

Chicago Dominatrix: Lady Sophia

And if you happen to notice any broken links or other errors please email me at lovelyladysophia@gmail.com

Failure to plan on your part is not an e

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Failure to plan on your part is not an emergency on My part.

All feet.! All the time!

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This July I had a delightful hour with Jeff doing nothing but different variations of foot worship. This was his first time seeing a Mistress and he asked if he could share the following:

“I just had my very first BDSM (straight up foot worship) session and was fortunate to have had it with Lady Sophia. It was one of those rare times that I am able to say “my expectations were exceeded.” Before she started we discussed the scene I wanted, she explained how the session would work and what to expect. I than had a thrilling 60 minutes in a clean, discrete and quiet dungeon. Upon leaving I could only think that I will probably never try another mistress as I hate disappointment. PS Lady Sophia has amazing feet. Jeff – Chicago,

Review from kinkster-8 from My Los Angeles Trip

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I had a delightful time with kinkster-8 while in LA.  He’s known to be a bit of a squirmer, making it hard to create more subtle pain/pleasure.  However, on this occasion he didn’t move an inch.  The review is also posted in the MaxFisch Review section “Lady Sophia from Chicago is visiting the Den of Iniquity in Los Angeles. I had a session with her on Thursday night and wanted to give a review about that.

“I’m usually nervous when it comes to certain types of sessions. Inter-urethral sounds is one of them. I explained this to Lady Sophia before we began and she understood my concerns.

She didn’t want me thrashing around should I panic while the sounds were inside of me, so we decided to use mummification and bondage to keep me still. While wrapping me, her soothing voice and gentle touch made me feel calm.

When she felt that I was ready, she kept me informed of what was happening and then gently inserted the sounds into the opening of my penis. She maintained eye contact with me and asked me if I was okay.

It was a very good session and I would highly recommend a session with Lady Sophia.”kinkster-8

The bondage table kinkster-8 was bound to while mummified.

Visiting Los Angles July 7th – July 11th

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The dungeon has been reserved, the airline tickets have been purchased and the bags have been packed. No, wait, the bags aren’t packed. What I decide to bring with me all depends on you!  I’ll bring my boots should I get requests from boot fetishists, the same goes for my medical gear, cross dressing accessories and other goodies!

Travel Annoucement!

I will be taking sessions while in Los Angeles
July 7th – 11th

Mistress Ivy Darkbloom will also be traveling with me and available for sessions as well.

Contact me now to reserve a session time. The best way to arrange a session with me is via email: LovelyLadySophia@gmail.com


  • your areas of interest
  • your hard limits
  • how you would describe yourself in session (submissive, dominant, fetishist, etc)
  • a short description of your best experience in session and your worst session
  • any medical conditions that may effect our play (asthma, diabetes, injuries, bad joints) – this doesn’t mean we won’t be able to play, it just keeps you safe.
  • what day and time you’d ideally like to session as well as how many hours you’d like to play for

And would you care to see the dungeon Mistress Ivy and I will be playing at? Take a look!

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How did I live without this?

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You know your parents are supportive of you choosing to be a ProDomme when they casually give you this gift:

“We saw it and though of you!”  Thanks. You guys are the best.

Sessions with additional kinksters!

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I’ve written bits and pieces about sessioning with other Dommes in previous blog postings. But now I have added a page dedicated to additional players: https://ladysophiachicago.wordpress.com/playtime-friends/

A word of advice to those who are interested in scheduling time with me and Vera, Romann or Ivy (or other Dommes for that matter): plan ahead!  If you are able to give me four days notice (minimum) and provide a couple of definite days and times you’re available, the likelihood of being able to set something up is much greater.

And how sweet the reward of planning ahead is!